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Diabetes is now the 7th leading cause of death in the Philippines, and medical experts reported that diabetes awareness is shockingly low amongst the public.

According to Dr. Roy Ferrer, normal people have several misconceptions about the disease . For instance, common belief is that only adults develop diabetes and that the fatter children become the healthier they are. Amongst Filipino people in particular, the reverse is true.

Dr. Ferrer said: "Most thought that when a child is fat, he is healthy . That’s not true. Children who are fat have a higher possibility of acquiring this disease because they eat a lot of food that has large amount of sugar, which increases the sugar level in their blood."

Ferrer said that people are unaware of the complications that diabetes can cause, particularly strokes. In the region, diabetes is known as ‘the silent killer.’ In urban areas in the Philippines, a proportion of the population were said to lead an unhealthy lifestyle without exercise .

The incidence of diabetes in the Philippines is soaring. Thus, it is on this premise that the Community Extension Services and Development of the College of Nursing of UC Banilad conducted a seminar on Diabetes among residents of Barangay Kalunasan to increase their awareness on such condition, to correct misinformation and misconception and at the same time, mobilize the community towards becoming more conscious about their health especially on the aspect of Diabetes.