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Have you e’er been walking
and seen in the sky
A flock of geese flying
and perhaps wondered why?
They fly in a V-shape—
not in some other form
Such as small groups or large
or straight as the norm.
No feathered brain fowl,
these geese really know
How to travel efficiently
where e’er they go.

The V has a purpose,
aerodynamically smart,
Those birds are good buddies;
each one does its part.
They’ve got a neat system
that’s often been shown
To provide for hurt geese
so they’re not left alone.

And although their squawking
won’t make a sweet song,
They honk to encourage
each other along.
There’s rarely a goose
with its neck out of joint
Cuz each one gets its chance
to fly at the point.

So there’s never a leader
too tired to lead
For each goose is primed
for its turn when there’s need.
All of the creatures
live lives that can teach
Us humans some lessons!
And geese surely preach

How to learn and to lead,
to build up and to bond
Why geese can show teammates
how they could respond to each other
like geese as they fly.