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First Level – Secretariat Paper Screening
The secretariat and screening committees receive applications
and verify document completion.

Second Level – Area Screening
Using a new screening form, local screening panels for each of the four areas (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and NCR) rate the organizations based on the documents submitted. The top ten (10) organizations from each island group are elevated into the next round.

Third Level – Field Validation
Validators will be given a list of qualifying questions to verify if the selected ten (10) organizations meet necessary requirements to be part of the Area Finals. The validators will conduct on-site visits to meet with the organization and to examine the documentation they will be provided with to substantiate their eligibility. In the occasion that validators find that said organizations fail to pass important qualifiers, they will be eliminated from the list of Area Finalists. The secretariat will decide if there is a need for Area Finals in the area should there be only five (5) qualified organizations.

Fourth Level – Area Finals/Judging
The ten area finalists’ representatives deliver a presentation
to a panel of judges. Based on the presentations and the question and answer portion, the judges determine the five (5) winning organizations from each area that will proceed to the national finals. Ranking of scores will be used.

Fifth Level – National Finals/Judging
The representatives from each of the twenty finalists undergo the same process utilized during the area judging, facing a panel of multi-sectoral personalities serving as judges. Each of the finalists speaks alongside a standardized five-minute power