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All that is well ends well. The Sinulog 2011 Grand Parade closed with a 30-minutes Chinese-inspired production number led by Rep. Rachel “Cutie” del Mar of the Cebu City north district.

A Chinese temple façade was temporarily put on the stage to cover the Chinese garden set up. The facade was moved aside to reveal a pagoda. A video was shown about the influence of China on Cebuano culture. The words “I ko, I wu, I zhan Wang” which mean One dance. One beat. One Vision,” closed the video. Then lights in the oval were turned off except for the colored stage lights.

The silhouette of a man thumping a big Chinese drum was shown on the temple facade.When it reopened, at least 20 Chinese men beating the drums entered the stage which now featured a lighted red pagoda.

Chinese men then appeared waving yellow and red flags followed by dancers in gold body tights doing acrobatics. Dancing ladies in Chinese outfits holding umbrellas joined them. Kung fu masters in yellow attire appeared at the roof of the pagoda and trainees on the stage performing kung fu exercises. They all gathered and covered themselves with a white cloth presenting the yin and yang.

Next came a dragon dance. Then an emperor and his wife appeared at the center of the pagoda. Del Mar, the empress, appeared in a fuschia imperial attire. She guided a cart filled with big rose petals with the Sto. Niño enthroned on it. She gave the image to the emperor. The performers then danced to the Sinulog beat.

The finale ended with a half-hour fireworks show.