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The group was formed way back 1979 as a department choir known as the CCC (Cebu Central Colleges) High School Glee Club. It was founded by Atty. Paulino Y. Yabao as the choir director & founder, Dr. Erlinda P. Barcelo as the choir financier & consultant and Raymund A. Abao as the choir assisitant trainer.

It was in 1983 that the glee club was acknowledged as the official choir of the school and was then known as the CCC Chorus. The baton was passed to Mr. Raymund A. Abao when Atty. Paulino Y. Yabao passed the bar examination and Dr. Erlinda P. Barcelo was promoted as the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

It was when CCC got its university status, the choir's name was changed from CCC Chorus to UC (University of Cebu) Chorus. Mrs. Helen Grace G. Abao was appointed as the choir's official choreographer. Mrs. Helen Grace G. Abao worked for the group pro bono since she started giving her services for the group.

Mrs. Helen Grace G. Abao & Raymund A. Abao to date are still the choreographer/artistic consultant & choir director of UC Chorus respectively.