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In line with the regional implementation of government’s National Greening Program (NGP) spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Cebu province posted the highest accomplishment rate among four provinces in the Central Visayas region.

DENR7 data indicates that since the NGP was launched in Central Visayas in June this year, the region has already hit 22 percent or 1,190.5 hectares of its 5,632-hectare target in terms of area coverage.

Cebu province topped the list with 48.41 percent or 946 hectares, followed by Negros Oriental with 151.62 hectares or 8.13 percent, Bohol with 1,563 hectares or 5.84 percent, and Siquijor with 2 hectares or 0.79 percent.

“There is a need to closely work together so that we would be able to achieve our 5,632-hectare target this year by promoting social mobilization and volunteerism,” said DENR7 Regional Executive Director Maximo O. Dichoso.

Cebu province’s NGP target comes to 1,954 hectares, with the town of Argao ranking first in terms of planting coverage, followed by Carmen and Toledo City.

The NGP is among the Aquino administration’s top programs, with the main objective of reforesting 1.5 million hectares of forestland in a broad effort to promote a sustained environmental awareness campaign to address the deleterious effects of climate change.

Moreover, the DENR 7 has also substantially exceeded its target of 2.816 million seedlings for the NGP by making use of 3.423 million.

Negros Oriental also went over by 173 percent or 1.614 million seedlings against its target of 932,000 seedlings; Siquijor as well, with 107 percent or 133,909 seedlings from its original target of 125,500 seedlings; and Cebu, with 103 percent or 1.008 million seedlings in excess of it’s 977,000-seedling target. Bohol, for its part, used up 667,414 out of its 782,203-seedling target.