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As unmistakable as its iconic "I" symbol, I-Witness has made its indelible mark as Philippine television's finest hour. For twelve years, I-Witness has brought hundreds of eye-opening documentaries to the screen. A true trailblazer for the documentary genre in the Philippines , I-Witness has presented countless unforgettable stories that shed light on the human condition. And as it celebrates its twelfth anniversary this August, I-Witness proves that the passion for documentary-making still burns.

Four veteran documentarists Howie Severino, Sandra Aguinaldo, Jay Taruc and Kara David uncover what it means to live a dignified human life in the special series Sa Piling ng Wala. I-Witness hosts tackle the four most basic human needs -- food, water, shelter and clothing -- by immersing with individuals and communities with no access to these bare essentials.

For the first time in I-Witness history, the four hosts come together in a series where each episode is invariably linked to the next, and where all hosts play a part in each other's documentaries. Sandra Aguinaldo lives through the unresolved issue of hunger in Kalam, Jay Taruc experiences a world without water in Uhaw, Kara David searches for shelter in Silong and Howie Severino unravels the human person's need for clothing in Saplot.