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The masterand is joined by Dr. Mauro Alan Amparado, Dean of UC Graduate School Dr. Yolanda Sayson, Dean of UC College of Nursing Dr. Helen C. Estrella, and Professor Piluchi Victorina M. Villegas who served as Panelists for the Oral Defense of the thesis on the Predictors of the Nurse Licensure Examination Performance of UC Banilad BSN Graduates: Proposed Regression Model. Not in the picture is Professor Marcial Chiu who acts as the censor of the written output.

Credit and sincere appreciation also goes to Dr. Agapito Pino, Dr. Ulyses Aparece, and Dr. Alicia Tan who served as Panelists during the Proposal Hearing. Thank you also to Dr. Carmen P. Villarante for the motivation and support.

To all faculty members of UC Graduate School, the staff, colleagues, friends, CESDEV Volunteers, family, Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), Intertrends Resource Corporation (IRC), and to everyone who has made significant contribution, Daghang Salamat!