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Here are some of the tips shared by PNLE Topnotchers. We hope these could help. Best regards!

1. Strictly FOLLOW all the rules, instructions or directions like the dress code. It sounds really boring but it maybe one of the reasons why you probably won’t be allowed to take the test.

2. Be CAREFUL in ripping/tearing each answer sheet. Try to fold it before tearing and guide it using your hand (or a ruler if you have one). Use the bottom sheet first because this is usually used for NP1 (and it is easier to tear off).

3. Don’t mix up your ANSWER SHEETS. Although the bar code at the lower left part corresponds to the student, it is better to be sure.

4. Label everything correctly and don’t put any unnecessary marks, etc.

5. As much as you can, DON’T ERASE.

6. LISTEN attentively to what the room watcher says. Also, there’s nothing wrong with asking questions or clarifying for even the tiny details. Don’t hesitate to speak up but only when necessary.

7. Try to EAT normally even if most people don’t have any appetite during stressful situations. Don’t drink too little or too much water and don’t try eating food that might upset your stomach.

8. Use black BALLPEN for all the writing or printing tasks and PENCIL for all the shading.

9. Don't forget to bring your Notice of Admission (NOA).