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Resolution #1: Take a look at what volunteers do in your organization. Is the work they do clearly related to the mission? If not, it's time to overhaul what you are asking members of your community to do for you. List the goals your organization seeks to accomplish and brainstorm tasks that volunteers can do to make those goals happen. Be sure to look at Resolution #7 for one way to do this.

Resolution #2: Take a hard look at your program communications. Do you have a clear path for prospective and existing volunteers to get the answers, the tools and the support they need? How long does it take for them to get a response? If it is more than two working days, it's time to fix that. You cannot be "too busy" to take care of your volunteers.

Resolution #3: The best recognition is in-person, one on one and relevant. Get to know volunteers and what makes them feel effective. Start giving them feedback that actually means something.

Resolution #4: Monitor how you talk about your program. You and your volunteer program are only as important to your organization as you communicate. Advocate for a job title for yourself that more accurately describes what you do. You no doubt do a lot more than just "coordinate" volunteers. Read about professionalism in volunteer management so you can talk about it with an air of authority. Get some knowledge under your belt including statistical information. Listen to development directors and volunteer managers. Talk and pay attention to the deficiencies revealed by what we ourselves say about our job and programs.

Resolution #5: All these make your head spin? Remember to work on one at a time. You don't have to do this alone! Have you ever thought of recruiting volunteers for an advisory committee on different aspects of volunteer management? They are the experts. Let them tell you what needs to happen. Then form committees to develop and even provide the improvements.