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1. Plant more trees and get involved in similar activities;
2. Buy energy-efficient products that don’t use as much energy;
3. Buy recyclable products;
4. Refrain from buying unnecessary packaging, and waste less;
5. Practice the 3Rs of Ecological Solid Waste Management: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle;
6. Use compact fluorescent, spiral light bulbs;
7. Insulate windows, doors, and electrical outlets and add more insulation to the attic and basement;
8. Turn the heating thermostat down, and the air conditioning up, by 1.50C (30F);
9. Choose the most efficient vehicle available, such as a hybrid gasoline-electric model and keep any vehicle well maintained;
10. Share a car and avoid short journeys by car;
11. Keep tires optimally inflated;
12. Walk, bike, use a car pool or take public transport;
13. Recycle paper, glass, aluminum, steel and other materials to produce “new” materials;
14. Practice becoming Carbon Neutral; and
15. Advocate change by encouraging larger communities to act on climate change.