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UC Nursing CESDEV has chosen Barangay Kalunasan as its adopted community and for years now, CESDEV has continually provided the community and its residents relevant programs and activities. As CESDEV welcomes its new volunteers, they conducted a site visit last August 6, 2007 to allow them to be familiar with the terrain and other geographical landmarks of Kalunasan, meet the residents and its Barangay officials, get acquainted with their counterpart barangay volunteers, and to personally witness and get a first-hand assessment of area that has been chosen by CESDEV as its adopted community. ( click on the pictures for a larger version and for a clearer view)

The trip was scheduled on a holiday, the Foundation Day of the Province of Cebu. ( disregard the date indicated in the photo; digital camera settings not properly set). These volunteers enthusiastically spared their Monday morning for the activity.
A world-class nurse knows how to care for and shows deep concern for his or her own land. Global competitiveness is achieved starting with application of nusing competencies locally.
Even with cloudy skies and impending rain fall, these did not dampen the spirits of these lively group of volunteers.

The volunteers had the opportunity to meet barangay officials. Even though it was a holiday and the Barangay Hall and the Barangay Health Center are closed, the barangay officials gladly welcomed us in their place. Shown here with one of the barangay councilors that guided the students in their site visit.

The activity achieved its objective of giving the volunteers a glimpse of the area that they will be serving soon along with other student nurses as they conduct their Outreach Programs there.

This image shows a stark contrast to the "booming" urbanization of Cebu City. There still lies in the mountain slopes of Barangay Kalunasan a marginalized sector that needs attention.

The roads are winding and most often are uphill trek but the volunteers went on with their walk.

The paths may be rocky but the smiles did not fade away.
UC Nursing CESDEV officers talked with the barangay volunteers.

The barangay volunteers were then introduced to the new CESDEV volunteers. Senior CESDEV volunteers were very glad that the volunteers that they have selected were still very active and are utilizing the knowledge, attitude and skills that were imparted to then during the trainings and seminars conducted.

The UC Nursing CESDEV volunteers gladly posed for some pictures. Despite the rough winding roads and uphill climb, the faces still lit up knowing in their hearts that the visit was a good start of something even better.