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For Level II:
Requirements for the First Semester, SY 2007-2008 are 2 Seminars and 1 Outreach Activity.

For Level III and IV:
Requirement for the First Semester, SY 2007-2008 is only 1 OUTREACH ACTIVITY.

Please see Ms. Galdo or Mr. Quitco for the scheduling of your Outreach Activity. Seminar Schedule for second year nursing students are posted in this blog. Similar information is also posted in the CESDEV Office.

Specifics of the Requirements:

1. Letter of Intent (should be processed a week before the scheduled outreach)
Following signatories:
Vice President or President
Accompanying Clinical Instructor ( preferably the class adviser) or General Education Instructor
Mr. Ronaldo O.Quitco (Internal CESDEV Coordinator)
Ms. Jade Lyra G. Galdo (External CESDEV Coordinator)
Level Chairman
Dean, College of Nursing

2. Letter of Permission
The Letter of Permission should be addressed to the Level Chairman whom the accompanying CI belongs.

3. Waiver
Original Waivers should be photocopied. Both copies shall be submitted to the accompanying CI or
directly to the CESDEV office. Without the waiver duly singed by the parents or guardians, the student
shall not be allowed to participate in the Outreach Activity. Waivers will be given or released by the
CESDEV office ONLY IF you can present your PROCESSED Letter of Intent & Letter of Permission.

4. Documentation
2 Types:
Hard Copy ( scrapbook with annotations or captions ) This should be in short-sized bond paper
and should be placed in a short red folder with slide or fastener on the side. No fancy
( feathers, buttons, indigenous matrerials, etc.) materials for the hard copy.
Soft Copy ( this will be the powerpoint presentation of the Outreach Activity to be saved in a CD)
First slide of the presentation must contain the following:
A. Program Conducted in the Community,
B. The Site or the Adopted Community, and
C. Date and Section.
Second slide must contain a SHORT INTRODUCTION about the Outreach Program
Pictures should be CANDID (working pictures!)
Pictures must contain FORMAL CAPTIONS

Place the hard copy and the CD in a green expandable envelope and submit it in the office.
Make sure that you get an acknowledgement or recepit from the office upon submission of the
Upon submission of the Documentation, CESDEV Clearance will immeddiately be released.
Please keep the Clearance.