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Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) was founded by the late Alec and Mora Dickson with backing from Inter Church Aid (now Christian Aid) and the late Bishop of Portsmouth, who sent a letter to the Sunday Times to support his vision. On May 15 1958 the first VSO volunteers (eight 18-year-old men) left the UK to give a year's voluntary service in developing countries - Ghana, Nigeria, Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and Sarawak. Some of the first volunteers are still in touch with VSO, which still has thriving programmes in Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia. Since then over 30,000 volunteers have served in over 70 countries.

Last year, VSO volunteers visited University of Cebu- Banilad along with other foreign students who are on immmersion program in relation with their course on Volunteer Administration and exchanged ideas with the volunteers of the Community Extension Services and Development (CESDEV) of the College of Nursing of the University of Cebu-Banilad Campus.

The sharing of ideas and experiences brought together a sense of unity and camaraderie among people whose goal is to impart a part of himself or herself for the betterment of the community and its people.

VSO Volunteers and foreign students were welcomed to the University of Cebu-Banilad Campus by Mr. Mars Mandal, Student Affairs Office Director of UC-Banilad and Dr. Ofelia Mana, Academic Affairs Director of UC-Banilad.

Photos are courtesy of Sir Bob Lim. Thank you Sir Bob!
The gathering was held at the Presidents Office of the University of Cebu-Banilad. UC Nursing CESDEV was indeed grateful to have shared and exchanged ideas with these volunteer groups in order to strengthen the Volunteer work of CESDEV and establish international linkages as well.