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UC Nursing CESDEV attended the Kalunasan Barangay Council Session yesterday to discuss the programs and activities of the Community Extension Services and Development of the College of Nursing of UC Banilad for the Barangay for the next three years. This meeting is very vital for the following reasons:

1) it's CESDEV's way of paying courtesy to the newly-elected Barangay Kalunasan officials whose mandate took effect after the Barangay elections held last year;

2) to present to the newly-elected officials CESDEV's Accomplishment Report by means of showing the programs and activities that have been implemented already as well as the on-going projects;

3) to lay-out the plans of CESDEV-Nursing for Barangay Kalunasan for the next three years; and

4) to propose a draft for the Memorandum of Agreement.

The session brought out positive results with Barangay Kalunasan's newly-elected officials being grateful to CESDEV-Nursing for all the help, services, and contributions it has rendered to their area. Moreover, the session resulted in the acceptance and approval of the draft of the Memorandum of Agreement. Signing of these documents will soon follow.