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In the previous month, dengue cases in Cebu City reached a threshold, but health officials now have said that the number of dengue cases has started plunging. From Sept 1 to 11, the Cebu City Health Department (CCHD) has recorded 55 cases of dengue, of which two succumbed to the virus.

Durinda Macasocol, Assistant Epidemiologist, said that this was a positive sign showing that the count of dengue cases was on a decline. Macasocol said that she expected to see the impetus be maintained the way it has been until now and that the dengue cases do not spring back, else it would be devastating.

The team is under the process of monitoring the cases for this month so as to conclude upon if an epidemic should be declared or not in Cebu City. Also, she said that declaring an outbreak would only be if there is an abnormality in the size of cases is seen.

In August, dengue cases reached 583. The number outdid by 83 cases as had been predicted by CCHD. But at the same time, just counting the number of cases was not the sole factor to declare an outbreak.