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In one of the scenes from her “Glee” debut, one song performance of Filipina singing sensation Charice draws wild cheers from the lead cast. And that could also speak for the viewing public's reception to her sparkling turn in the season 2 opener of the hit American musical-comedy series, as high praise has streamed in from fans, critics, and the media.

Charice was introduced in the pilot episode aired Sept. 22 (RP time) as the Filipino foreign exchange student named Sunshine Corazon. She appeared in a total of five scenes in premiere of the series that tells about the adventures and misadventures of a fictional Ohio high school show choir named New Directions. Two of these scenes featured her singing Beyonce numbers—Telephone (which is a duet with Lady Gaga) became her vocal face-off with the choir’s “Type-A, megalomanic” lead Rachel Berry (played by the Broadway-trained Lea Michele), and Listen, her audition piece for New Directions.

The series premiere ended as a ratings winner, according to USA Today, with “12.3 million viewers, which is also its biggest audience without an ‘American Idol’ lead-in. In addition, it was the top show of the night among young-adult viewers.” Charice, on the other hand, also won the nod of the US media.

CNN’s Marquee Blog: “Filipina singer Charice blew me away in this episode and I’m hoping we see her again. That such a big voice could come from such a tiny body will never cease to amaze me. Her duet with Rachel in the bathroom – although cut short by Coach Sue – was comical and her solo from ‘Dreamgirls’ was just… wow.”

LA Times: “She sings a remarkable duet (Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”)... She tears up the house with ‘Listen’ from ‘Dreamgirls.’”

Entertainment Weekly: “Charice/Sunshine's voice is insane, especially considering she’s about the size of a lawn gnome and dresses like a Harajuku girl.”

Billboard.com: “In the season opener, Charice sings a blow-the-roof-off rendition of Beyoncé’s ‘Listen,’ and ‘Glee’ co-creator Brad Falchuk says the intercut reactions of the ‘Glee’ cast to her performance were all real. ‘It was shock,’ he says. ‘She’s 4 foot 2 and she can sing like that? Ridiculous.’”

Wallstreet Journal: “The real talent this year, though, is Sunshine Corazon, played by Filipina singing sensation Charice. The Oprah-approved pint-size diva certainly gave Rachel a pre-heart attack in the bathroom while they battled to turn Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s collaboration of ‘Telephone’ into a catfight. Rachel’s surprisingly getting meaner, and it suits her. We see Sunshine gots some edge to her, too, with that sassy surprise of Dreamgirls’ ‘Listen’ in the audition.”

Bravo Charice!