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Are you a poi spinner ready to take it to the next level? Want to learn how to spin FIRE? Well, you can! Just follow these instructions and get ready to light up! These instructions are for people who are already familiar with and skilled at spinning poi. Please do not attempt fire poi if you are not prepared for it.

Things You'll Need:

•A pair of fire poi.
•A can of white gas
•A metal bucket large enough to soak your wicks in
•A lighter or matches
•A safety blanket or a large, wet towel
•A safety person, who can help you put out the fire when you're finished and who can also make sure you don't catch on fire
•A fire extinguisher, just in case!

Step 1
Place your poi wicks in the empty bucket, making sure the handles are outside of the bucket. Pour the white gas over the wicks, soaking them completely. Let the wicks soak for 1-3 minutes.

Step 2
Carefully remove the poi from the soaking bucket. Walk a safe distance away from the area where you'll be lighting up, and spin the soaked poi using several forceful downward motions to remove any excess fuel. Your spin-out is best done onto a tarp, but if that isn't possible, try sand, dirt, or old concrete. White gas will evaporate quickly on the surface.

Step 3
Walk back to your "stage" area. Hold your poi arm's length in front of you. Have your safety person light the wicks. Start spinning your poi!

Step 4
Spin until the flames go out! If the poi chains are tangled, you can put them out at the same time, but it's easier one at a time.