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WITH the start of summer, health officials reminded the public of health risks associated with the dry season – heat stroke, dehydration, sore eyes, measles and chicken pox.

Avoid lingering in crowded places, said Regional Director Dr. Susana Madarieta of the Department of Health in Central Visayas (DOH-7). She said the unpredictable weather may lower one’s resistance, making one more susceptible to disease. “The children should be especially looked after since they are the most sensitive to catching infectious diseases,” she said.

Sore eyes or conjunctivitis is among the more prevalent diseases in summer. Persons with sore eyes may transmit the disease by rubbing the infected eye and touching objects like tables and doorknobs. “Frequent handwashing would hinder the spread of disease,” Madarieta said. She advised people with sore eyes to stay indoors to avoid dirt and prevent them from infecting others.

Measles and chicken pox can also be contracted in crowded places, Madarieta said, and people fond of eating street food, where sanitation is not assured, are at a higher risk of getting diarrhea.

Those wishing to spend time in the beach should prepare sunblock, caps, umbrellas and towels. Constant hydration by drinking clean water is also a must to avoid heat stroke and fatigue.

Weather forecasters say rains will be sporadic due to a minor La Niña episode that will last until May. “This summer would be colder and more wet,” said Ellah Kumahig, weather analyst of the Pagasa Mactan office. Average temperature will be 25 degrees Celsius with wind direction shifting from northeasterly to easterly and southeasterly.She said people heading to the beach can expect cooler weather in some days due to cloudy skies.