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ACCORDING to Archbishop Jose S. Palma, the answers to the many questions in life are not all found in Google; they’re found in Jesus.

Well, I have to tell you from the outset that I’m a huge fan of Google. I mean, I practically google everything. I rely on Google to give me the answers to some of the many questions I have in life—-how Christianity began, what countries border Bhutan and who invented Post-Its. In fact, to say that I love Google would be an understatement.

But I must say that I wholeheartedly agree with the good Archbishop despite the fact that I hold many views contrary to the Catholic Church. Google does give us the answers to many questions but Google doesn’t tell us how to live so that we may find peace and happiness in our lives.

And yet, God doesn’t exactly give us all the answers to our questions either. But God does make it possible for us to discern through time the key to peace and happiness. While God doesn’t make it easy for us to find the right path, He makes it possible for us to find it with the right choices in life.

Prayer is a powerful tool in my life. God is the ultimate decision-maker I recognize. I know what I am capable of doing but I also understand that without God, I am nothing. All that I have and all that I am comes from He who gave me life. I can do what I can to live life well. But God ultimately decides. Every day is a gift from above.

If I live, it is only through God’s grace. And when I die, it will only be through God’s will. I’ve never really charted the course of my life to follow a particular path, yet, I have found that God somehow always steers me to the path where He wants me to be. I am happy to be where I am today but it would not be false modesty for me to say that I can’t take credit for it.

At every step of the way, God made it possible for me to be here. Things happen for a reason. If we trust God, we should not question. Sometimes, it’s actually easier to simply submit to God’s will. God does not always grant us the wisdom to understand His plans. But if we can find the patience and courage to wait, enlightenment will come.

There were times in my life when I could not understand why God would grant me the most unexpected blessings yet deny me my deepest desires. It took a while for me to understand why God deemed it fit to deny me what I wanted but didn’t really need in my life.

But thank God, He didn’t give up on me. We can’t all be strong all the time. We all have our moments of weakness. Believe me, it’s good to have God in your life because God provides the wisdom, the courage and the guidance to say, to do and to go where we must at some of the most important points in our lives.

Make God your first not your last resort. Prayer is more powerful than you think. While you may not realize it—-if you have faith, you really do have everything.

By Melanie Lim. Wide Awake. SunStar Cebu.