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Saw this video posted in Facebook by one of our Registered Nurse volunteers Don Jade Canama. Was so moved at the spirit of loyalty exhibited by the dog. I am posting this video here for CESDEV Nursing blog readers and for the student nurses to reflect on this. It's incredibly touching. Truly, even for dogs, "No one gets left behind."

You don't have to speak Japanese to understand the sympathetic tones and be amazed at the display of loyalty and compassion by one dog who refused to leave his hurt friend's side. There is so much we don't understand about the emotional lives of animals. But we know they can suffer tremendously, and we are thrust into knowing how they care for each other.

Both dogs were found alive in Mito, Ibaraki. And thanks to the efforts of Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, the two dogs are currently in the care of a local shelter.

CNN is reporting that both dogs received medical attention. The injured dog is currently at a veteranarian getting care and the loyal dog friend is at a shelter. In summary of the mens' conversation in Japanese: at first the two thought the injured dog was dead. They immediately called a vet for assistance for both dogs. The men say they wish they had brought food to give the dogs. We will continue to follow any updates on this story and the status of the injured dog who is reportedly still weak.

We are hopeful that people from different part of the world will do their share of helping our Japanese friends and will respond like these two dog friends, never abandoning each other in this time of need. Ganbatte kudasai! ("Don't give up!")