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These tsunamis are among the deadliest in history:

1. Indian Ocean tsunami, 2004: 150,00 killed or missing in 11 countries. This tsunami unleashed the energy equivalent of 23,000 atomic bombs, according to the USGS.

2. Java, 1883: Krakatou volcano erupted, triggering tsunamis that killed 36,000 people.

3. Honshu, Japan, 1896: 27,000 killed.

4. Chile, 1868: 25,000 killed.

5. Mindanao, Philippines, 1976: Between 5,000 and 8,000 killed.

6. Chile, 1960: 2,300 killed.

In the U.S., the deadliest tsunami occurred in Hawaii in 1946. 165 people, including school children, were killed when a tsunami wiped out Hilo's waterfront. The government established a Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii in the aftermath of that tsunami.