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Through time, UC has perservered to grow by leaps and bounds, in numbers and standards. One simple reason for UC's steady growth is the school's unfailing vision to become a leading university in the Asia-Pacific region. While this vision may be met with raised eyebrows, let it be known that many skeptics have already been convinced by the school's version of success-themed stories.

In consonance to this aspiration, UC continues to focus on its resources, both human and technical, towards achieving success in various fields. Success, within the context of UC experience, is the school's clearcut response to the demands of time. With its functional and ground-breaking curricula and "well-oiled" machineries, UC thus creates a learning environment equal to the necessities of the 21st century.

UC's continuing efforts towards making itself the finest is predicated on the now popular byword of the academe: I CARE. In capsule, this acronym speaks about the core values of Innovation, which is geared towards technological advancement; Camaraderie, which is founded on the spirit of mutual trust, harmony and understanding; Alignment, which places UC in correct positioning in relation to others, be it within or outside; Respect, which puts a premium on the practice of professionalism; and Excellence, which is the exceptional quality that makes UC distinct right from the very start.

Having this as its general picture, UC invites you then to take part in its continuing journey towards its envisioned direction.

Ms. Candice Gotianuy
University of Cebu