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Urban farming is the practice of cultivating, processing and distributing food in, or around (peri-urban), a village, town or city.[1] Urban farming is generally practiced for income-earning or food-producing activities though in some communities the main impetus is recreation and relaxation[2]. Urban farming contributes to food security and food safety in two ways: first, it increases the amount of food available to people living in cities, and, second, it allows fresh vegetables and fruits and meat products to be made available to urban consumers.
Specifically pointed out by the lecturer during the crash course on urban faming is the utilization of idle lands like the backyard. In this case, tha backyard of the ABS-CBN Visayas complex was transformed into a garden of vegetables and at the same time, serves as a nursery for other variety of vegetables. Because urban agriculture promotes energy-saving local food production, urban and peri-urban agriculture are generally seen as sustainable practices.
ABS-CBN has offered to partner with UC Nursing CESDEV in cultivating an idle land in Cabancalan, Mandaue City. The land has an area of 8,000 square meters and is easily acessible from UC Banilad campus. Moreover, UC Nursing CESDEV will pioneer the activity and will use this 'Urban Farming' activity as a showcase that planting or growing vegetables even in the city is possible