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“Those who have less in wheels must have more in road.”[1]

To the Sangguniang Panlungsod (Bayan) of __

Dear Members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod __(or Bayan – if municipality)

We, Children and Registered Voters of the City of Cebu, hereby declare that that we are tired of the chaos, accidents, air pollution and injustice that prevails in the road system of the Philippines. The bias of the present road system for individualized motorized vehicles has caused and will continue to cause tremendous road congestion, serious air pollution, deadly accidents, waste of space, fuel, water, and public space for the convenience of a few, at a great cost to all.

It is time to turn this around.

For this purpose, we, the Filipino People, hereby initiate this Petition to promulgate a local ordinance to reform the existing road system. We ask that an ordinance be passed to convert all existing roads within our City to favor people instead of favoring motor vehicles. After all, towns and cities were made for people, not for motor vehicles.

For this purpose, we respectfully request that the existing roads be divided longitudinally into four parts: All-weather side-walks and pathways — 30%; Bicycle lanes — 30%; Filipino-made collective and non-pollutive transportation systems — 30%; Greenbelts for edible gardens — 10%.

An efficient and effective transportation system will provide the constituents of our good City with a healthy and orderly alternative to the existing transportation system.

To support this initiative for local legislation, we hereby submit to your good Office the signatures of the voters of our good City pursuant to Law. We are joined by our children and grandchildren — many of whom will soon be of voting age – who are the most vulnerable to the dangerous conditions of the roads and to the worsening quality of the Air.

This People’s Petition is hereby submitted pursuant to Sec. 120 to 127 of the Local Government Code (Republic Act 7160).[2] Further, Executive Order 712 (2008)[3] and Executive Order 774 (2008)[4] call for the reformation of the road system to favor non-motorized, environment-friendly, and collective transportation systems.

Thank you in anticipation of your kind and expeditious action on the matter within the period provided by Law.[5] We look forward to working with you, your planners, and legislators to flesh out the details of our proposal. We trust that this letter finds you in good health and spirits.

Citizens of the Philippines
Residents of the City of Cebu

_______, 20__

Date filed

[1] Paraphrase of a line from beloved President of the Philippines, circa 1950s who said that, “Those who have less in life must have more in law.”

[2] Sections 120-127 of the Local Government Code gives voters numbering 100 for municipalities and 1,000 for cities the power to submit a petition to the local council to propose legislation.

[3] Sec. 3 of Executive Order 712 (2008) states: The DOTC shall establish as National Land Transport Policy Framework, which shall facilitate the modernization of the land transport industry through the promotion of utility services which are environment-friendly and shall provide assistance to the land transport sector through lease-to-own programs, technical assistance, subsidies, and the encouragement of the use of alternative fuels and/or renewable energy, among others.

[4] Sec. 9 of E.O. 774 (2008) states: Task Group on Fossil fuels. – (a) To reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, the DOTC shall lead a Task Group to reform the transportation sector. The new paradigm in the movement of men and things must follow a simple principle: "Those who have less in wheels must have more in road." For this purpose, the system shall favour non-motorized locomotion and collective transportation system (walking, bicycling, and the man-powered mini-train).

[5] Sec. 120 (b) of R.A. 7160 states: If no favorable action thereon is taken by the sanggunian concerned within thirty (30) days from its presentation, the proponents, through their duly authorized and registered representatives, may invoke their power of initiative, giving notice thereof to the sanggunian concerned.

You can download the petition here: