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This is a data analysis for the possible release date of December 2010 NLE results. It is expected that the December 2010 NLE results will be released within February 14-18, 2011. The predicted dates are based on a statistical data analysis using the data of nursing board exam results from June 12, 2001 to July 3, 2010. Some parts of the data analysis are not shown here because of technicality.

The December 2010 NLE results are expected to be released within February 14-18, 2011 as stated earlier. This estimate concurs with the confirmation of release date by the PRC Board of Nursing.

The label "1" is the checking ratio value of June 2001 while the label "19" is the checking ratio of July 2010. Checking ratio value is used to compute the number of working days the NLE result was released by the PRC.

Below is the summary of data analysis of Board of Nursing Examination Results (June 1, 2001 – July 3, 2010). It also includes projection of possible release dates for December 2010 Nursing Board Exam results.

As shown in Table 1, the Board of Nursing has produced already more than 300,000 nurses as of July 2010. Year by year, there has been a steady increase in the number of examinees as well as the number of NLE passers. From just 3,851 examinees in June 12, 2001 to 94,462 examinees in November 2009 or a percent change of 2,353%. The highest passing rate, which is 55.74%, was seen in June 2004 and the lowest passing rate is 39.73%, in November 2009.

For the last four (4) years, BoN has experienced a steady decline of passing rate. This is one of the factors why the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) imposed a Memorandum Order (CMO) citing "Moratorium on the Opening of All Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Business Administration, Nursing, Teacher Education, Hotel & Restaurant Management, and Information Technology Education Effective School Year 2011-2012."

Before explaining the details why the release dates of December 2010 Nursing Board Exam results are within February 14-18, 2011, let us define first the term checking ratio. Checking ratio value is the quotient of number of working days the NLE result was released and the number of examinees. To have a bigger checking ratio value, one can multiply it by 100. Hence, a lower checking ratio means a faster processing while a higher checking ratio means a slower processing of exam results.

Table 2 and immediate graph above display the checking ratio value of board of nursing examination results for June 1, 2001 to July 3, 2010. The checking ratio last July 2010 for 91,008 examinees is 0.0461 while the checking ratio in November 2009 for 94,462 is equal to 0.0423. The Board of Nursing was seen to be the slowest in processing the exam results on December 2001, where there were only few examinees, 3,851, while it was fastest on December 2004 for 12,100 examinees.

Considering 40,000 or more examinees, the board was slowest last June 2007 but fastest last November 2009. The average checking ratio for the last 19 examinations is 0.0671. The BoN was seen to be faster than the average for the last 5 examinations. This would mean that the Board of Nursing has done excellent management in processing the nursing licensure examination results in the last 5 exams.

In deciding what checking ratio value to use to forecast or predict the number of working days the December 2010 NLE result will be released, the analyst has done a consideration like forecasting software and others, which will not be discussed here.

The analyst has decided to use the checking ratio value of 0.04411. Thus, the number of days to expect the release date of December 2010 NLE results is 38 days. Applying 1-week interval, we expect the December 2010 nursing licensure exam results to be released within 35 to 42 working days.

Thus, the release date is within February 10-21, 2011 for more accuracy.

Source: http://www.bazics.net/2011/01/december-2010-nle-results-released.html#ixzz1EP5VNfaD