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As a man who uses his fists to make a statement, Manny Pacquiao would seem to be a very unlikely source for a quotable quote, especially since, despite some improvement in his English, he is not exactly very facile with the language.

Yet Manny gave probably one of the best post-fight quotes to emerge in the entire history of professional boxing. And it came just after he gave Mexican Antonio Margarito a beating to win a record 8th world title in as many different weight divisions.

Mario Lopez asked Manny if, in the 11th round when he was seen motioning to the referee, he had wanted the fight stopped at the point, given that Margarito was already bloodied, with one eye closed and the other about to follow suit.

Manny answered that he just wanted referee Larry Cole to check on the condition of Margarito and see if it was wise for him to continue considering the punishment he was getting. He said he was concerned because "boxing is not for killing each other."

With those words, Manny showed true professionalism, and an uncanny capacity to remain humane despite the violence that is a necessary part of the sport he has chosen. Indeed, Lopez again asked Manny if, in the 12th and last round, he was actually holding back as many thought.

Manny confirmed this. He said that at that point, with his victory already assured as early as several rounds back, he saw no point in going for a knockout. "I just wanted to finish the round and get it over quick, so I just moved around and threw punches just to keep him back."

Many fans of Manny, including those who cannot avoid placing bets on every fight of his, must have been anticipating a knockout and must have been disappointed that the Filipino boxer failed to just even knock Margarito down.

That is something that you just had to give to Margarito. Taking account the numerous solid punches to the head that Manny dealt Margarito, one has to give the Mexican credit for having such a granite chin. Manny's record would show other boxers have fallen from fewer shots.

But even without a single knockdown, the latest win by Manny was very impressive, especially since he won an unprecedented 8th title in an 8th different weight class. But most impressive of all was his humaneness, a true gentleman in the ring.