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The background music of this blog is taken from the Kapamilya network's Christmas station ID (SID) put together by its Creative Communications Management (CCM) group. This year’s SID features not only the network’s stars and broadcasters, but ordinary people from different sectors as well.

CCM head Robert Labayen wrote a song for the five-minute SID, which reflects the “unsinkable” spirit of the Filipinos. The SID song was performed by more than 300 talents pooled together for the project. Labayen added that the SID encourages the Filipinos to bounce back after the calamities, and reminds the public that “goodness shines the brightest in the darkest hours.”

“And the message comes from the song. We have the stars singing together with the heroes–workers, soldiers, the medics, volunteers, church--from all sectors of society. They come together to rebuild our lives again,” Labayen said. The SID concept this year is not only simpler compared to previous years, but more “uplifting.”

“Dati kasi, ang gusto natin masaya lang, masayang pasko. It's about our family. Pero this time, it’s about Filipinos,” said Danie Rose Sedilla-Cruz, CCM’s creative account head. Sedilla-Cruz said the SID also highlights the fact that Christ is the source of light, but all of us are bearers of it. She said: “Better to light one little candle than to stumble in the dark. Bawat isa sa atin, pagkatapos noong nangyari, nalaman mo sa sarili mo na meron kang magagawa.”