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All LEVEL 3 sections who have asked prior permission from CESDEV-Nursing Office to have their seminar in Educ 4B be credited as CESDEV requirement must submit the following ( one week after the activity) :

SOFT-BOUND DOCUMENTATION ( short-sized; color of cover should be blue; )

1. Letter to CESDEV-Nursing
2. Resource Unit ( in short bond paper )
3. Sample
4. Sample Program ( should reflect the flow of the seminar )
5. Sample Certificate ( sample of the certificates given to the seminar participants )
6. Financial Statement (should reflect how much was spent and the specific items )
7. Pictures ( at least 10 copies of 3R pictures related to the seminar conducted with formal captions)
8. Evaluation ( include the Tool used in evaluating the seminar)
9. Reaction Paper ( personal insights on his/her role in the conduct of the seminar )
10. CD containing a soft-copy of the Powerpoint presentation used during the Seminar.

The above-mentioned requirements pertains to the seminar that you have conducted as a section. However, be reminded that aside from one (1) Outreach Program that you need to conduct for this semester, you are also required to have two (2) Seminars. The seminar that your section have conducted in compliance with your requirement in Educ 4B will be credited as one (1) seminar, provided, prior permission was sought from CESDEV-Nursing Office.

UC Nursing CESDEV will also credit/honor the other seminar in EDUC 4B that you have attended as AUDIENCE / PARTICIPANTS as compliance to CESDEV requirement for this semester. Here's what you need to submit:

1. Reaction Paper ( about the Seminar that you have attended; the one conducted by the other sections with you as the participant or audience )

The reaction paper should be written in short-sized bond paper and shall be submitted to UC Nursing CESDEV office a week after attending the seminar. Reaction Papers should be submitted per section and shall be placed inside a short-sized BLUE envelope.



In relation to your Outreach activity, "Kamunggayan sa Kalunasan", you are required to submit a Reaction Paper about the said activity, written in a short-sized bond paper. Only those who were able to participate can submit a Reaction Paper. Please submit these per section, c/o Class Vice President. Reaction Papers should be placed inside a short BLUE envelope on or before March 10, 2009.


Our tie-up with St. Vincent General Hospital resulted to the utilization of BSN 3 Cluster 2 student nurses in conducting Health Teachings to residents of Barangay Sambag 1 and Sambag 2, Cebu City. In connection with this, you are required to submit:


1. Letter of Permit to Conduct Outreach Activity

2. Attendance Sheet

3. Resource Unit in short bond paper

4. Pictures ( at least 10 3R photos with formal caption. )

These papers shall be placed inside a clear plastic envelope to be submitted to UC Nursing CESDEV Office a week after the conduct of the activity.