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Ronaldo Quitco, UC Nursing CESDEV Internal Affairs Coordinator e-mailed the Clean-up the World Organization for possible tie-up for the environmental programs of CESDEV. Azadeh Etminan, the Campaign Coordinator of Clean-up the World Organization sent this reply ...

Dear Ronaldo,

Thank you for your interest in Clean Up the World.

Clean Up the World is a community based environmental campaign that inspires and empowers individuals and communities from every corner of the globe to make their environment a cleaner, healthier place to live.

Clean Up the World activities include clean up events, recycling programs, educational campaigns and revegetation projects. Members carry out these activities at any time throughout the year however the campaign’s flagship event is Clean Up the World weekend in the 3rd weekend of September. Members are encouraged to organise activities around this weekend to celebrate their environmental achievements throughout the year.

Many Members tell us that they benefit from the increased recognition that comes from being part of an international environmental campaign. This helps them to encourage local participation and gain sponsorship and media support in their own country.

If you register as a Member and plan a clean up event or other environmental initiative, we provide a Membership Kit containing a range of information and materials designed to assist. The materials include media and sponsorship advice, CUW logos, and templates for posters and volunteer/supporter certificates. We also provide you with an education kit and a promotional video. These resources are available to download from the Members Area of the Clean Up the World Website.

Please keep in mind that these materials are provided to assist with the implementation of your environmental activity/event and you may need to reproduce additional material depending on the number of participants and the scope of your event. You are free to produce your own materials using the logos included. Sponsorship and funding advice is included to assist with any fundraising that may be required.

We ask Members to send us updates and to complete a “Member Activity Report” to let us know what activities have taken place throughout the year. We then use this information to promote Member initiatives on our website, in the end of year Activity Report, media releases, the CUW Bulletin and other publications.

To be able to maintain a current database, we ask our Members to register each year by filling out a form, which details any activities they will be holding as part of the Clean Up the World campaign.

I look forward to welcoming you to the CUW campaign.

Kind regards,

Azadeh Etminan
Campaign Co-ordinator
Ph: +61 (2) 9692 0700
Dir: +61 (2) 9692 1216
Fax: +61 (2) 9692

Clean Up the World Pty Ltd
Clean Up Australia LtdL1, 18 Bridge RoadGlebe NSW 2037Australia