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Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you to the EarthDance Cebu 2010! Festival where we are bringing together groups and organisations from all over the Visayas and Mindanao to help crystallise the movement toward socially just and environmentally sustainable development.

We are also launching at the EarthDance Cebu 2010! Festival a Green Light Guide to Maharlika~Philippines listing hundreds of companies and NGOs etc which are playing a role in sustainable development in Maharlika~Philippines. The Guide will consist of a website, email updates, and hardcopy version.

You are such a dynamic organisation. We would be very happy for you to have a stall exhibiting your projects including tree-planting and clean-up. There would be opportunities to present a seminar (and inspire other student groups?) .

We aim to work with a Barangay to do a clean up and some recycling. We will model after Barangay Luz, Best Practice. We hope to help apply this model to other Barangays around Cebu City. We are open to suggestions and I see you have been working with a Barangay.

Also some of your members might like to be volunteers at the EarthDance Cebu 2010! Festival. We need a First Aid group, for example! Please see the Invitation Letter attached. If you are able and willing to attend you will find a Registration Form at the bottom of the Invitation Letter.

Thank you.

JahFe, Director of EarthDance Cebu 2010 Organising Committee