Welcome to the Blogsite of CESDEV-Nursing
Community Extension Services & Development
University of Cebu-Banilad College of Nursing!

This blogsite shall serve as your online access for information, updates, photo displays, videos, news, relevant links and other matters related to the programs and activities of UC Nursing CESDEV as well as other features that may be of peculiar interest and value to the University of Cebu community and the multitude of blog visitors.


1. The CESDEV Video Fest is open to all documentations of the CESDEV Outreach Program submitted in movie format.

2. Only Movies of CESDEV Outreach Programs conducted during the First Semester of SY 2007-2008 shall qualify.

3. Movies submitted to the CESDEV Office shall be the sole version for the contest.

4. Movies of CESDEV Outreach program will be given ample showtime at the Lobby of University of Cebu-Banilad during the whole duration of the CESDEV Awareness Week. This will give the student nurses the chance to view the movies and decide what movie to vote for.

5. Voting for student nurses will be done through this blogsite (http://www.ucnursingcesdev.blogspot.com/) in a specially made polling widget.

6. Student nurses are allowed to campaign for their movie presentation. The campaign may be through word-of-mouth, leaflets, text messaging, blogging, internet bulletins, and other electronic media.

7. Voting is allowed only once per computer unit. Once the computer unit has already been used to place a vote, automatic barring is enacted.

8. Voting period for the Movies shall start at 12 noon, 07 November 2007 and shall commence at 12 noon of 09 November 2007.

9. The voting widget shall automatically be deactivated upon commencement of the voting period. Results shall be placed in a sealed envelope, shall be kept confidential, and shall only be opened after the Judges have given their grades.

10. Judging shall be made at the Conference Room of the Faculty Room of the College of Nursing of UC Banilad at 1pm of 09 November 2007. All entries will be viewed by the specially selected Clinical Instructors. Ratings shall be based on the set criteria.

11. The contest will be based on the following criteria:
A. Blog Votes --------------------------------------- 50 %
( Video Entry Votes / Total Number of Votes x 100 x 0.5 )
B. Judges Ratings ----------------------------------- 50 %
Creativity (40 %)
Relevance (20 %)
Content (40 %)
Overall Score (100 %)
(Overall Score x 0.5 )

12. Tabulation shall be done by a group of impartial tabulators duly supervised by the CESDEV Coordinators.

13. Results shall be placed in a sealed envelope ans will be announced at the Awarding Ceremonies at the Moot Court of UC Banilad at 4pm, 09 November 2007.

14. The abovementioned contest rules shall not be modified anytime during the contest.

15. Result of the contest is rendered final.